Evening Adventure Program (After School)

Evening Adventure Program (After School)

Grades 1 - 8

Every night children get to choose their own adventure. During our three program times, children get to do their activity of choice in a group supervised by a BGCL staff member. For the full list of activities be sure to check out the weekly posted schedule.

 What We Offer

Youtharts Arts & Crafts
Explore and create using paint, paper, and other mediums to create priceless pieces of art. We also provide fun theme based crafts for every season along with specialty clubs like art club and knitting club.
Busbw Busing
Available at no additional charge the Club bus travels to various schools throughout London. The bus takes the participants back to the selected destinations where either authorized adults can pick-up their children or they can walk home with consent.
Computerroom Computer Room
Ever wonder what draws children to the screen? At the BGCL it is usually a group game of Roblox or a challenge to create the coolest castle in Minecraft. Children can even participate in Computer Club where they learn new computer skills, and about internet safety.
Youthtutoring Homework Help & Tutoring
Is a program aimed at helping children and youth to continue on the road to success in school.
Mon - Thu 4:00 - 7:00 pm (8:00 pm for youth)
Fitnessgames Fitness & Recreation Games
Children have the opportunity to participate in various large and small group games. The BGCL has several rooms where we run fun recreation programs such as skipping squad, mini-sticks hockey, dance, and yoga.
Music2 Music Lessons
Children have the opportunity to learn piano, guitar, and ukulele from skilled volunteers.
Science Science Activities
Children can learn how to make slime, build volcanoes and even write secret messages in disappearing ink. We have partnered with Western Engineering to offer Science & Engineering Club so children can join every week, along with activities run by Western Engineering outreach volunteers.
Youthsocial Social Clubs
Girls at Bat
Guys Group
Girls Group
Power Hour
Grub Club
Culture Club
Sportsbw Sports Leagues & Clinics
The gym is where every child is an athlete. We provide children the opportunity to learn new skills, develop friends and increase their self-esteem. We run large games such as dodgeball, floor hockey. We also have weekly clinics and leagues such as Jays Care Baseball, basketball, and soccer.
Youthsupperclub Supper Club
For an additional $2 per visit or $60 for the school year, a hot nutritious meal is offered to those attending after our school programs at the Club. It is designed to help encourage healthy eating habits and provide high levels of nutrition following Canada's Food Guide.
Mon - Fri 4:00 - 6:00 pm
Swimming Swimming
Recreational swims are a great way for children to enjoy swimming in a fun environment while staying physically active.
Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Tues 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

When Is It Offered?

Monday - Friday
4:00 - 7:00 pm


Members & Act-i-Pass card holders

$3 per person

*For members who require support person(s), fees will not be charged to the support person(s).
Please see Memberships page for more detailed information.

A Member/Visitor form must be filled out.

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Ensures that our programs are planned and executed to foster healthy child development. Our staff are trained in the five principles of healthy child development and are evaluated regularly to ensure quality programs.

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