Youth City

Youth City

Keystone Committee has recently transformed to include responsibilities for the planning and design of our new youth space at the Boys and Girls Club of London – Youth City! This committee is an opportunity for youth to feel empowered regarding issues in their lives, their communities, and the world by using their unique skills to create change at various levels, while also placing emphasis on planning for a youth space where they govern the decisions around design, programming, and issues that are relevant to them. This program is youth led, with the youth deciding what topics are relevant and of interest to them and deeming what actions are necessary to create awareness and/or change. Youth City functions as a committee where each youth plays a significant role and has the opportunity to voice their opinion in a safe and accepting environment. The Committee is broken up into working groups to address the needs of the Club and the larger community of London.

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The Youth City Committee has 4 working groups to bring ideas and actions together

  1. Marketing and Promotions
  2. Equity
  3. Program Planning
  4. Volunteer Ya!

Marketing and Promotions Committee

The Marketing and Promotions Committee are in responsible for the promotion of youth-related events that are being planned at the club or in collaboration with the club. This committee is tasked with promoting events through social media advertisements, creating posters, and promoting in the community.

Equity Committee

The Equity Committee focuses on ways to create a more inclusive, equal, and fair environment for youth at the club. This committee will ensure the club offers fair and impartial opportunities for all children and youth and will inform program planning to advocate for inclusivity and constructive changes to meet the needs of everyone at the club.

Program Planning

The Program Planning Committee will be responsible for the development of specialized programming for youth. They have the opportunity to voice their opinions, plan and implement activities and events that are offered for youth during our nightly youth programs.

Volunteer Ya!

Volunteer Ya focuses on brainstorming opportunities to give back the Boys and Girls Club of London community, as well as the great community of London. In the brainstorming process the youth will identify areas of need in the community and develop a plan to address those needs in a volunteering capacity. These ideas will be put into action in a constructive manner where in the group will plan and facilitate events for children at the club, support events at the club, and volunteer at various locations throughout the London community. This committee allows its members to become active participants of the club and the community and enhances their ability to facilitate events, respectfully communicate with one another and with professionals in the community, as well as experience a variety of opportunities.

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