Keystone Club

Keystone Club

The Keystone Club empowers a small group of youth with the knowledge and skills to make positive choices in their lives, in addition to giving them a place to use their creative skills to make a difference. This Club is a great way for youth to get involved in the Boys and Girls Club of London, as well as give back to both their Club and community. New members are able to join during September – October.

Focus On

  1. Teamwork 
  2. Group support
  3. Leadership development
  4. Economic awareness
  5. Political awareness
  6. Social recreation


Throughout the school year, the main activities and events that the Keystone Club is responsible for completing are:

Leadership Development
The youth will come to understand the skills and abilities that they bring to the group through fun-filled hands-on experiences and weekly meetings that they run. In addition, they will develop new skills and discover their own leadership potential.

Team Building Activities
Through different group situations and events the youth will learn what unique skills and abilities they bring to a group and how to work effectively as a team.

Event Planning
The Keystone Club members are responsible for planning, organizing, and running a variety of special events throughout the school year. The main projects that they head up are the club dances, which are offered during special seasons at the Boys and Girls Club of London. They learn the logistics of how to plan for a large event, the importance of advertising, and how to actually implement all of their creative thoughts and ideas!

Service to the Club and Community
Once a month the youth give back to the Boys and Girls Club of London as a whole by planning a variety of monthly children’s recreational programs for our drop-in kids to participate in. Additionally, the youth volunteer with special non-profit campaign projects in the community to bring awareness of important local initiatives and to further help others and our environment.

More Information

Please contact
Megan Dykstra
Education & Leadership Program Coordinator
519-434-9115 xt 254

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