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The Boys and Girls Club of London Foundation is committed to providing support to the programs and services offered by the Boys and Girls Club of London. In partnership with the community, our fundraising efforts are targeted towards Club operating and capital needs. Through a focus on these larger goals, the Foundation is able to help the Boys and Girls Club of London to continue to grow and provide the programs and services that are needed in the London community.

The Boys and Girls Club of London is committed to helping children and youth live healthy lifestyles, achieve academic success and develop into future leaders. Each child and youth comes to us with the potential of a great future. Our success over the years is due in large part to our ability to meet the needs of the community. The programming and services offered are truly diverse and give us the opportunity to work not only with children and youth but with adults and seniors as well.

The Foundation delivers reasonable goals and accountabilities to donors ensuring that all gifts provide sustainable funding and new projects fit in with our strategic plan. Our continued growth and future sustainability depends on our ability to engage the London community to support our programs and services, thus ensuring that the Boys and Girls Club of London continues to be A good place to be !


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