Twelve Days of Christmas

Published December 03, 2019 20:09

During the Twelve Days of Christmas event, over 1,200 free traditional Christmas dinners with all the trimmings is served to children and youth. They also receive a small gift from the Boys and Girls Club of London. The meals and gifts are kindly sponsored by local businesses, groups, individuals and families. Thank you to all of our Twelve Days of Christmas sponsors and donors!

Day 1

On Day 1 of 12, spirits were high
As Bill Hefferton and friends served 123 meals,
wow, the night just flew by!
So many children and youth excited to eat
A holiday meal with a sweet treat.
Day 1 with Bill Hefferton

Day 2

With blue Santa hats on top of their heads,
WestJet arrived and made sure all kids were fed.
Chicken, mashed potatoes with ice cream for dessert.
The kids ate so much; some started to burp.
Don't fret! It wasn't rude! It meant the kids enjoyed the grub.
Make sure to stop by the next room to get your gift from the Boys and Girls Club!

Day 2 WestJet

Day 3

Day 3 was a breeze, Betsy’s friends and family were great!
The kids enjoyed the meals (we assume based on how much food they ate)!
Day 4 is now here, we’re a quarter-way through
Our celebration of Christmas (and other holidays, too!)
Welcome to the Citi team! This is their 6th year with us!
Get ready! We hear the kids! They’re coming from the bus!
Day 3 with Betsy

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