Job Skills Training Program for Youth

What is Skilled4Success?

Skilled4Success is a voluntary program providing youth in Grades 8 to 12 with job skills training, hands-on employment experience through placements, and other opportunities with the ultimate goal of preparing them for their first job and future career.

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Once enrolled in the program, each youth participant will choose what sector they are most interested in (food service/hospitality, customer service/retail, child & youth/recreation) and be matched with a placement, and sign up for weekly training sessions and certifications that are aligned with jobs that are currently open to youth in our community!

Skilled4Success is an incredibly unique program that offers participants the opportunity to gain valuable skills and explore different entry-level employment and career options. It also helps youth make connections with staff in the Club, with the potential of being hired within some of BGCL’s various departments (e.g., kitchen, maintenance, camp and recreation).

How to Register

Youth must be members of BGC London to participate.

Register here for Skilled4Success: Register online

More Information / Staff Contact

Skills training classes run weekly, and the placements offered at the main Club located at 184 Horton Street, will be scheduled based on the participants' goals, past employment experience and availability.

If you or your youth is interested in joining the Skilled4Success program, please contact the team at [email protected].

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