Education Programs (M.A.P.)

My Action Plan To Education program offers educational support to children and youth from Grade 4 through Post-Secondary.

What We Offer

Our educational programs are:

  1. Junior (Jr.) M.A.P. Program
    (For registered participants in Grades 4 to 8)
  2. Senior (Sr.) M.A.P. Program
    (For registered participants in Grades 9 to 12)

About the M.A.P. Program 

My Action Plan To Education (M.A.P.) is a program aimed at helping youth to continue on the road to success in school. The M.A.P. Program is based on four guiding principles. These four main pillars of support for each youth include:

  1. Academic
    • Providing students with tutoring and homework help.
    • Assisting students to develop academic goals and helping them reach those goals.
  2. Social
    • Providing opportunities to develop relationships with mentors and peers.
    • Encouraging social engagement through the Boys and Girls Club community.
  3. Financial
    • Providing immediate assistance for transportation, food, clothing, books, and other educational support materials.
    • Helping students to find and apply for appropriate scholarships, bursaries, and grants.
  4. Advocacy
    • Partnering with parents, students, and community agencies to ensure school attendance, academic, and personal achievements.

A student's M.A.P. Program is developed to meet the needs of that individual youth. It involves the commitment of the youth, his or her parents as well as other partners who will help provide the youth with the best possible opportunities for success. Students will enter into the program in three phases, depending on what grade they are in.

The JUNIOR Phase

Is aimed at students in Grade 4 to 8, and focuses on building basic skills, keeping students motivated and interested in school, as well as addressing individual needs of students for wrap-around support.

For more information about the Junior phase, please click here.

The SENIOR Phase

The Senior M.A.P. program focuses on supporting youth in Grades 9 through 12 in their educational journey. Senior M.A.P. is a registered academic program where students are able to receive personalized tutoring help from volunteers who can provide assistance with homework, projects or studying for upcoming tests. Senior M.A.P. focuses on the development and achievement of each student’s academic goals, through individualized action plans and career exploration.

For more information about the Senior phase, please click here.


Focuses on those students in post-secondary school, trades, and employment. Students will receive guidance, financial assistance, and academic support, as needed. and are preparing for or are in post-secondary education programs including:

  • University
  • College
  • Trade school
  • Apprentice training
  • Preparing for full-time employment


Staff, volunteer mentors, and tutors work with youth to meet the program expectations and outcomes. There are a number of incentives for the students participating in the M.A.P. Program at each phase.

These incentives include:

  1. Life skills development
  2. Academic counselling
  3. Career counselling
  4. Financial incentives*
  5. Partnership building through mentorship and tutoring
  6. Field Trip opportunities on select Saturdays through Junior M.A.P. (Grades 4 to 8)

*Financial incentives are subject to available funding.

How to Register

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