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Thank you pizzatimeTMNT on Twitch for supporting BGC London!

We hope that you will send us a gift in support of the Club. You can also check out our Amazon wish list for some ideas of what we need.

Your donation will support our Evening Adventure (EA) Inclusion program, an extension of our summer program.

EA Inclusion gives every child an opportunity to be fully supported while participating in our after-school recreation programming. We average about 10 children a week with various needs, be it physical, behavioural, or social; we have the 1:1 support needed for each child to have a successful time.

This program allows for BGC London to be entirely inclusive all year round. One of the families we support would like to share their experience in our summer camp inclusion program with you:

“I am the mother of two gorgeous little kids, one is a developmentally typical 10-year-old, the other is a developmentally atypical 7-year-old. I have been sending the kids to the Club for a couple of years, and I always knew it was a special place. The attitude that everyone belongs is so ingrained in that building that it is not surprising that the inclusion program is the BEST in the city. My experience at the Club has been that the kids with exceptionalities are all seen as equals to their peers. I cannot tell you how much a program like this means to a family like mine. It’s easy to say you are inclusive and that every child belongs, but to actually live those words is a totally different story...the Club is the full package. They live by their values and for that, my family is so grateful.”

collage of 5 children

There is no gift too small - every dollar donated will support children in our community!

Thank you!

We are a Registered Charity # 119037638 RR0001. For more information about ways to give, please click here.

if you would like to donate cryptocurrency, you can do so via CanadaHelps here.

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