Before she was "Jenny from the Block"

Published January 10, 2018 11:07

Jennifer Lopez

55 million records sold. Judge on a world-famous talent show. A movie career, a clothing line, endorsement deals, a production company, two beautiful children ... and apparently she doesn't age! 

And now? The first female spokesperson for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. And she has agreed to lend her voice to Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada!

Her Boys and Girls Club radio spot will soon be airing on our side of the border.

Thanks to our friends at Corus Entertainment, the commercial will air nationally—and free of charge!—on all Corus-owned radio stations.

In the 60 second radio spot, Jennifer Lopez emphasizes the essence of our Clubs. 

She reminds our young people that they can become whoever they want to be, and that our Clubs believe in every single one of them. It’s often our staff and volunteers who inspire kids to discover their great futures.

Please note that Jennifer Lopez is not acting in an official capacity as a BGCC national spokesperson—we are sharing the benefits of a terrific Boys & Girls Clubs of America asset that applies to both our movements.

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