Thank you President's Choice Children's Charity

Published December 20, 2022 12:01

Supper Club operates Monday to Friday throughout the school year.

With the support of the President's Choice Children's Charity, over 9,336 meals have been provided to young people in our community in 2022.

For some, Supper Club is the only nutritious meal they have eaten all day. Many youth have told us that if they didn't have a meal at the Club, they would have eaten a bag of chips for dinner that night.

Many parents and caregivers have expressed their appreciation that Supper Club is available as their busy schedules does not always allow them time to prepare a healthy meal right after school before their children come to the Club to learn and play.

We are so grateful for President's Choice Children Charity for providing good nutrition; the foundation required for every young person to achieve their potential by giving them the energy they need for an active life, and an attentive and engaged mind.

Children's Charity

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