Twelve Days of Christmas

Published December 03, 2019 20:09

During the Twelve Days of Christmas event, over 1,200 free traditional Christmas dinners with all the trimmings is served to children and youth. They also receive a small gift from the Boys and Girls Club of London. The meals and gifts are kindly sponsored by local businesses, groups, individuals and families. Thank you to all of our Twelve Days of Christmas sponsors and donors!

Day 1

On Day 1 of 12, spirits were high
As Bill Hefferton and friends served 123 meals,
wow, the night just flew by!
So many children and youth excited to eat
A holiday meal with a sweet treat.
Day 1 with Bill Hefferton

Day 2

With blue Santa hats on top of their heads,
WestJet arrived and made sure all kids were fed.
Chicken, mashed potatoes with ice cream for dessert.
The kids ate so much; some started to burp.
Don't fret! It wasn't rude! It meant the kids enjoyed the grub.
Make sure to stop by the next room to get your gift from the Boys and Girls Club!

Day 2 WestJet

Day 3

Day 3 was a breeze, Betsy’s friends and family were great!
The kids enjoyed the meals (we assume based on how much food they ate)!
Day 4 is now here, we’re a quarter-way through
Our celebration of Christmas (and other holidays, too!)
Welcome to the Citi team! This is their 6th year with us!
Get ready! We hear the kids! They’re coming from the bus!
Day 3 with Betsy

Day 4

Close to 3:30 the Citi team had arrived.
In minutes they were ready, then the kids came inside.
"Tally-ho!" "How y'all doin'?" "Come in! Sit! Eat!"
"I can't believe I ate so much!" "Can I have another treat?"
Children were happy; their grins were ear to ear.
All the volunteers were ecstatic and happy they were here.
Ready for Day 5 Huron University You'll be here soon!
Dessert Team - ready to scoop? Don't forget the spoons!
See you next year, Citi

Day 5

The weather was great but the air was quite chilly,
Even the frills on kids' scarves were less frilly.
Leaders with Heart (lead by a Club Alumnus)
Came in on tonight and helped get rid of the glumness.
When the kids arrived in Supper Club, they gave a great cheer
Because Megan and her team from Huron University was here!

Smiles started to form on all the kids faces.The volunteers moved themselves to their places.
Servers rolled up the sleeves of their shirts;
Dish Washers ready to clean; Dessert team ready with desserts.


Day 6

What day did we leave off at? We lost all track!

Oh, right - Day 6! London Gen Next elves came back!

On Friday, they wrapped presents and prepared Santa's chair.
On Saturday, they helped with our annual Winter Fair!
Fun and games all around, and crafts for all ages.
Lunch started at noon, families were served in stages.
First came the drinks, then the meal, dessert came out last.
We waited for Santa (we hoped he'd come fast)!
At last, he arrived, we heard bells jingling in the air.
"HO! HO! HO!" he bellowed, then he sat on his chair.
One by one each child was called to get a special toy
While the staff and volunteers watched, their faces full of joy.
D Next Gen

Day 7 - 8

To feed all the children during Day 8 of this special event,
Forever Homes, Trident Property, and High Point Development
Gathered their staff teams and donned festive apparel.
They served 130 meals, made sure dishes were sterile,
And restocked the handmade mittens and hats hanging on the wall.
We truly appreciate their support and for answering our call.
We're in the final week of the Twelve Days of Christmas event! So far, 737 have been served since the beginning of the month!

Home Development 3

Day 9

A mysterious box appeared early last night.
It was wrapped with pretty paper – oh, what a sight!
Who dropped this off? And what’s inside??
“It was us!” friends from The Body Shop cried.
They had a promotion, ‘Bring a Pair, Try Some Pear’
And collected lots of mittens and socks with care.
A huge thank you for everyone who donated to The Body Shop’s donation drive to help keep children and youth warm this winter! Their staff team from Masonville and White Oaks stopped by to help serve meals to 131 kids!


Day 10

Our friends from Old Oak Properties were here for Day 10!
They served meals to 130 hungry youth and children.
Two more days to go and we're sad to say
The Twelve Days will end on the 13th (Friday)!
There are a lot more thank you's to come, we're a little behind.
We're really sorry if we miss anyone; we hope you don't mind.
Have a little patience, just a little bit more!
There are some more posts that we have in store!
Old Oak

Day 11

If you saw firefighters here, don't be alarmed
They were here to serve dinner! No one was harmed.
Handy with an axe; handier with a sponge.
They cleaned up after dinner, they cleaned up the grunge.
All the dishes and cups were shiny and clean.
LPFFA worked well as a team!
110 meals served means 110 smiling faces
And 110 of full tummies before playing in program spaces.
Thank you to London Professional Fire Fighters Association for coming out to serve dinner during the Twelve Days!

Day 12

On the last of the Twelve Days, there were 102
Meals served by the Hayman Construction crew!
They dressed in green and red, wore festive head accessories
The kids will cherish the sight of them in their memories.
Thank you to all of the donors, sponsors, and volun-cheers
See you in 2020! Happy Holidays! Cheers!

Thank You for another successful Twelve Days of Christmas


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